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Open Pedagogy and Blended Education


About This Course

The current pandemic of COVID-19 urges us to look for other alternatives in education such as teaching/learning online, which necessitates some requirements and tools. This course is intended to introduce you to Open Pedagogy and Blended Education. Open Pedagogy is an essential component of learning online, but also in the classroom.

The same holds true for Blended Education/Learning. Are you interested in learning about Open Pedagogy and Blended Education? Do you want to learn how to construct a scenario/lesson in Open Pedagogy and Blended Education perspectives? Do you want to build and use digital resources and tools in your classroom? Join us in this course, and you will find everything you need.


  • Module 1: Open Pedagogy
  • Module 2: Blended Education
  • Module 3: Open Practice and Open Agent
  • Module 4: Journey Planner

Learning Objectives:

- How to use Open Pedagogy to prepare teaching materials/ scenarios.

- How to use Blended Education resources to prepare teaching materials/scenarios.

- How to design and promote educational scenarios involving the necessary skills and competences to construct Open Pedagogy and Blended Education scenarios.

- How to use the OLA approach to create non-stereotype materials that are based on Open Pedagogy and Blended Education.

- How to combine Open Pedagogy and Blended Education in classroom.

- How to use Open recourses of online learning in classroom.

- How to use Blended Learning in classroom that promotes face-to-face, online and hybrid learning.

- How to be trained on how to develop and implement OLA scenarios in Open Pedagogy and Blended Learning perspectives.

- How to promote OLA pedagogical approach that promote Literacy competence Digital competencies, Personal, social, and learning to learn competence.

- How to produce/adopt multimodal scenarios in line with OER requirements, the 5 Rs, principles and attributes of Open Pedagogy and Blended Learning.


A certificate of achievement is provided to you if you successfully complete this course. The Certificate is free of charge. To complete this course, you must obtain at least a mark of 60% in answering the questionnaires following each Module.

Course Staff

Mohammed Shormani

Elena Ioannidou

Disclaimer and Copyright

Every necessary step has been taken to keep all the information on this MOOC timely and accurate. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.